On August 5th I got up at 3:30 am to get the car packed up and the kids and I headed to Tonkawa to surprise a certain Mima on her birthday. Papa kept us informed on the way and we pulled into the driveway about 6am. She saw us pull in and ran out to meet us. We spent the day on the farm and had a great time. We played in the garden, played on the tree swing, ran up and down hills, cooked "birthday brownies" and got to see Grandma and Grandpa Sinor. We left late that afternoon to get ready for Noah's 10 year reunion, so it was a short trip, but it was so nice to see the Family!

Crew and Mima walking in from running the hill.

While we worked in the garden we saw 2 bunnies!

The product of our Harvest

Swinging on the tree swing

Crew stayed awake with me on the way up there, so we napped from about 8am to 10am.
Mima and Kyntli stayed busy in the kitchen for us :)


Viva Las Vegas

This year for vacation we went to Vegas. This was the first time I have been. I was nervous because I am not a gambler so my game plan was to sit by the pool and drink margaritas and read my Kindle. WRONG!!! Noah and his family were in a bowling tournament, so that is what we did during the first 2 days. We shopped, walked through numerous casino's, shopped, Drank margaritas, visited a piano bar, shopped, almost got kicked out of Gilley's numerous times, ate fabulous food and shopped some more.
Possibly the yummiest salmon I've ever had!

It was hot, but a different kind of hot than here. We walked the entire strip and I didn't even sweat. It was really fun.
I did manage to get some pool time in :)

Buddy's 50th Birthday happen to fall while we were there and Tracy had us riding in style!

Noah and I had a great getaway with each other but we were ready to get home to our babies. They stayed in Chickasha with Mima and Papa and had a great time. They were sad to see Mima and Papa go, but they were excited to see Mommy and Daddy :)


Kyntli's First injury

KK is my healthy one. She is clumsy but until this summer has managed to avoid serious stuff until May 20th. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, the kids were on the trampoline and Noah was cleaning the pool. I am headed outside to get them for dinner and I hear her yelling that she is ready to go inside. Somehow she managed to unclip and unzip the safety net and is standing in the opening holding onto the net waiting. Noah is headed over to get her out and I'm walking toward the trampoline and Crew jumps against the net on the opposite side and shakes the net which flings Kyntli out. Noah and I were not more then an arms length away but she toppled to the ground before we could get there. She let out a scream that makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. I immediately look at Noah and tell him her arm is broke to call his mom because we need to go to Norman ER.

This is her in the car on the way to Norman. We wrapped it in ice and towels and as long as we didn't move it she would sleep.

Waiting in the ER, We ended up being admitted to the Hospital and staying the night and having surgery the next morning. She was a trooper.
Very proud of my Girl. This is a pic of her right after surgery.
Day 1 at Home
Day 2 at Home

Our Cast she picked out :)

She was side lined from swimming, but she would still come out with us and sit on the side and splash her legs.


Mother's Day

Mother's Day is getting more special the older I get. I don't remember the person I was before having kids very well, but I do remember it was all about me! No responsibilities, sleeping whenever I wanted, and what stress I thought I had is laughable now. As mother's we give up, well, ourselves, to care for these little babies. We feed them, wash them, play with them and watch them grow. We hope and pray that we guide them in the right direction so that they can have all they can dream of and more. We want our daughters to find their Prince. Someone who will love them and care for them and provide for them and treat them like the Princesses they are. We want our sons to find a girl who loves them, supports them, and someone who will love our grand babies and be good mother's to them. It is a hard and hair-pulling kind of job, we want them to grow and go, but ultimately we want them to stay little and in our arms forever........... Being a Mom is a little confusing for me, I don't want this time in my life to end. I don't want them to go to school or get bigger. I'm sure every mom has these emotions and I know it's selfish, but it does make me appreciate my Mom and all that she went through raising me and my brother. She is a great role model and support system for me. I Love You Mom!!!!!


Potty update

Okay this last week has been a blur! But I am happy to say that Crew is using the potty. He does not go in his underwear or his pull-up. He does his potty dance and we run to the potty. At first I think he thought we didn't want him to let it out at all :( Poor guy was holding it til he was just miserable, and screamed when he was going in the potty, but we seem to have moved past that stage now. He also wakes up at night and goes to the potty! This was something I was not prepared for since I still have to set my alarm every night for 1:30am to wake Kyntli up so she won't go in the bed. But he is a light sleeper like me and Kyntli is a hard sleeper like Noah. I still have to watch Crew. He isn't coming up to me and saying peepee, but he does his little dance right up to me. We even made a trip to the potty at Walmart yesterday. I'm gonna need some pointers on how to hold him on a big potty and get him to aim down. That was a HUGE mess, but he did avoid Mommy's clothes :) Overall, I am 100% pleased with the progress, and very proud of my Crew!!!


Potty Day 1

After further research I did not go with Potty Boot Camp. I went with potty train in 3 days. The first day is over. (Thank Goodness) from 8am-1230 we went through 9 pairs of underwear and lots of juice without a single success. Nap time was fine and he woke up dry. After that was the war of the poop. He really needed to go and just wouldn't, however, he was making a little connection, because I could see him begin to squirm and wimper right before. So we ended up getting the poo poo in the potty! YAY. By the end of today he is not fighting sitting on the potty and he is starting to be uncomfortable before he goes. All in all, according to the book, it was a successful day. Even after all of the yucky stuff and wanting to pull my hair out, I feel that it is going smoother this time around. I am more patient and positive (this could be because I don't have a newborn and a baby along with the stress of potty training this time around :)

This last picture is my team! YAY for a smelly free house!!! This is what will help me sleep good tonight!!!!


Preparing for the Potty.....

It's that time in the Willard house. As of April 1st we will start potty training Crew. Kyntli was such a nightmare I bought a book this time. Potty Training Boot Camp. My plan is to do it on my 5 day stretch of being off work. We are in what the book calls "Prep Mode". We are watching Elmo potty shows, he is going to the bathroom with me and his sister where we explain what we are doing to him. Kyntli loves being "the teacher." So far everything is going as planned. This past weekend he said "poo poo" and I looked in his diaper and he had just went. So I think the potty wheels are starting to turn! I am very stressed over this and just want it to go better this second round. I guess we will find out soon enough!!! Stay tuned.................