On August 5th I got up at 3:30 am to get the car packed up and the kids and I headed to Tonkawa to surprise a certain Mima on her birthday. Papa kept us informed on the way and we pulled into the driveway about 6am. She saw us pull in and ran out to meet us. We spent the day on the farm and had a great time. We played in the garden, played on the tree swing, ran up and down hills, cooked "birthday brownies" and got to see Grandma and Grandpa Sinor. We left late that afternoon to get ready for Noah's 10 year reunion, so it was a short trip, but it was so nice to see the Family!

Crew and Mima walking in from running the hill.

While we worked in the garden we saw 2 bunnies!

The product of our Harvest

Swinging on the tree swing

Crew stayed awake with me on the way up there, so we napped from about 8am to 10am.
Mima and Kyntli stayed busy in the kitchen for us :)

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